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Standard 03
Hawaii State Standards Toolkit
National Standards: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives K-4
National Standards: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives 5-8

***Meaningful Bay Experiences***
Endangered Kauai Plants

Standard 03 Activities

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Hanama 'ulu Bay A great place for a powerful community experience. Click here for more


Standard 03: MALAMA I KA 'AINA: SUSTAINABILITY: Students make decisions needed to sustain life on Earth now and for future generations by considering the limited resources and fragile environmental conditions.

Meaningful Watershed Experiences

  • Investigative or experimental design activities where students or groups of students use equipment, take measurements, and make observations for the purpose of making interpretations and reaching conclusions.
  • Project-oriented experiences, such as restoration, monitoring, and protection projects, that are problem solving in nature and involve many investigative skills.
  • Social, economic, historical, and archaeological questions, problems, and issues that are directly related to Bay peoples and cultures. These experiences should involve fieldwork, data collection, and analysis and directly relate to the role of the Bay (or other bodies of water) to these peoplesí lives.