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Hanamaulu Bay Watershed Project

  • School Wide Restoration Day at Beach.

    Collect Trash, Listen to local stories, Picnic with family and friends. Learn how to be a steward of this 'aina.

  • Kindergarten "Who Lives in the Stream"

    Search for the animals and plants that make Hanama'ulu Stream their home. Learn which ones were here before the early Hawaiians. Explore with nets, experience with your senses.

  • Grade 1 "Animal Habitats at the Rocky Shore"

    Observe animal habitats in their natural setting. Discuss animal needs such as shelter, food and environment. Collect animals using nets for a temporary aquarium habitat.

  • Grade 2 "Alien Invasion"

    Learn the effect of alien invasions on plant and animal communities.

  • Grade 3 "How Water Shapes Hanama'ulu Bay Watershed"

    Observe the Shape and Flow of water in the Bay watershed. Model the forces of water as they flow through various substances. What happens when humans change the flow of water?

  • Grade 4 "Watershed Stewardship"

    Discover Hawaiian Ecosystems. Learn how to be a steward of this 'aina.

  • Grade 5 "Treasures of a Hawaiian Rain Forest."

    Hike and identify Polynesian introduced plants. Taste the fruit; see the products. How are the Hawaiian Islands like a space colony?