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***Meaningful Bay Experiences***
Hanama'ulu Bay Experiences

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GOOD SCIENCE PROGRAMS REQUIRE ACCESS TO THE WORLD BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. Trips can be to nearby points of interest, such as a stream, archaeological site, or nature preserve; it could include contracting with local science centers, museums, or gardens for visits or programs. Relationships should be established with local businesses and community organizations. Students must be given access to scientists and other professionals in higher education and the medical establishment to gain access to their expertise and the laboratory settings in which they work.” National Science Standards


The Importance of Meaningful Experiences Beyond the Classroom

There is overwhelming consensus that knowledge and commitment build from firsthand experience, especially in the context of one’s neighborhood and community. Carefully selected experiences driven by rigorous academic learning standards, engendering discovery and wonder, and nurturing a sense of community will further connect students with their community and help reinforce an ethic of responsible citizenship.