P. E. Curriculum

The curriculum or what's being taught is all standards based. For Physical education there are four standards that students in all grades are expected to meet.

Those standards are listed as follows:

Standard 1: Movement forms-how well the student is able to perform different motor skills (e.g. running, throwing catching)

Standard 2: Cognitive concepts- how a student applies knowledge and thinking during physical activity. (e.g. How to figure out their heart rate after exercise)

Standard 3: Active Lifestyle- developing the habit of regular physical activity that brings personal enjoyment.

Standard 4: Physical Fitness-Developing the overall physical fitness of the individual through a variety of different activities. (Strength, endurance, flexibility.

Body - What the body does.

Space - Whare the body moves.

Effort & Proficiency - How the bodt performs the movement.

relationships - relationships that occur in movement.

Grades K-1: Introduces and develops fundamental motor skills in each of these areas: Loco motor-running, galloping, skipping, hopping, non loco motor,- throwing, catching, striking, kicking. Cooperative skills- working together with peers.

Grades 2-3: Continues to develop motor skills, refines and introduces application of skills into individual & team games.

Grades 4-5: Refines motor skills and applies skills in individual & team games.