King Kaumuali'i Elementary School, feb 2016




All Meals include a half-pint of milk. Meals Subject to Change without notice.

Monday, February 1, 16

Tuesday, February 2, 16

Wednesday, February 3, 16

Thursday, February 4, 16

Friday, February 5, 16

Tasty  Golden  Chix  Tenders

on  Shredded  Cabbage Steamed  Rice Broccoli  &  Carrots Applesauce

Whole  Grain  Roll

Soft  Shell  Taco

Shredded  Lettuce Diced  Tomatoes Potato  Rounds Peaches

Whole  Grain  Corndog

Potato  Smiles Baked  Beans Apple  Wedges

Italian  Sausage  &  Cheese  Pizza

Garden  Salad Baby  Carrots Diced  Pears

Kalua  Pork  with  Spinach

Steamed  Rice Lomi  Tomato Tropical  Pineapple

WG  Portuguese  Sweet  Roll

Monday, February 8, 16

Tuesday, February 9, 16

Wednesday, February 10, 16

Thursday, February 11, 16

Friday, February 12, 16

Beef  Hotdog  

on  Whole  Grain  Bun Potato  Rounds Veggie  Sticks Apple  Wedges

Chicken  Nuggets  

 on  Shredded  Cabbage Steamed  Rice

Mixed  Green  Salad Tropical  Pineapple Whole  Grain  Roll

Creole  Macaroni

Garden  Salad   Peaches

Whole  Grain  French  Bread

Turkey  Pastrami    

on  Whole  Grain  Bun Oven  Fries

Rainbow  Salad  w/  Tomato Fruit  Juice

Chicken  with  Gravy

Whipped  Potatoes Edamame,  Corn  &  Carrots Orange  Wedges

Whole  Grain  Roll

Monday, February 15, 16

Tuesday, February 16, 16

Wednesday, February 17, 16

Thursday, February 18, 16

Friday, February 19, 16


Teri  Chicken  Asian  Noodles

Crispy  Nachos


Asian  Style  Chicken


Garden  Salad  

Lettuce  Leaf

on  Shredded    Cabbage


Tossed  Salad

Fruit  Juice

Tomato  Slice

Steamed  Rice


Orange  Wedges

Whole  Grain  Cornbread

Potato  Rounds

Vegetable  Medley


Apple  Wedges



Whole  Grain  Roll

Monday, February 22, 16

Tuesday, February 23, 16

Wednesday, February 24, 16

Thursday, February 25, 16

Friday, February 26, 16

Chicken  Patty  on  Whl  Grain  Bun

Italian  Spaghetti  w/  Meat  Sauce

Breaded  Pork  Chop  Patty

Cheese  Pizza

Tuna  on  Whole  Grain  Bun

Lettuce  Leaf

Spinach  &  Romaine  Salad

Whipped  Potatoes

Mixed  Green  Salad

Corn  Chowder

Tomato  Slice

Tropical  Pineapple

Edamame  &  Corn

Baby  Carrots

Green  Salad

Oven  Fries

Whole  Grain  French  Bread

Apple  Wedges

Mixed  Fruits

Fruit  Juice

Orange  Wedges

Whole  Grain  Roll

Monday, February 29, 16

Tuesday, March 1, 16

Wednesday, March 2, 16

Thursday, March 3, 16

Friday, March 4, 16

Beef  Stew

Steamed  Rice Mixed  fruits

Whole  Grain  Cornbread

Sloppy  Joe  on  Whole  Grain  Bun

Oven  Fries Spinach  &  Romaine  Salad

Tomato  Slice Apple  Wedges

Chicken  Pasta  with  Broccoli

Garden  Greens Baby  Carrots Orange  Wedges

BBQ  Pork  Patty    

on  Whole  Grain  Bun

Baked  Beans Corn Diced  Pears

Oven  Baked  Chicken

Steamed  Rice Broccoli  Florets  &  Carrots    w/  Dip

Tropical  Pineapple Whole  Grain  Roll

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider