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King Kaumuali`i Student Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

It is readily evident to everyone that parking is a problem here at King Kaumuali'i. There are simply not enough parking spaces for a school this size. There are not enough spaces for the employees, let alone for visitors. There is also much congestion in the parking lot, especially after school is dismissed.

With these facts in mind, let us not forget that safety of our children is our utmost concern. It is also necessary to extend courtesy to other parents and King Kaumuali'i staff members. We would like to ask that everyone obey the following rules.

This is a workable solution based on our parking situation. Also, please obey and show courtesy to our JPOs. They volunteer their service to the school, and are there to help ensure safety and that parking rules are being followed.

Do not leave your vehicle unattended during pickup & drop off. You may stop your vehicle only long enough to safely unload your children before school or pick up your children after school. You may not stop your vehicle in the loading zone and wait for extended periods of time. If they are not in that area when you arrive,proceed out of the parking lot and re-enter the flow again.