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King Kaumuali`i Dress Code

Students will wear school T-shirts 4 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) with one day, Wednesday,as a "free dress" day (wear clothes of your choice). Parents can choose to purchase a red or yellow T-shirt with the school logo.

Wednesday is uniform free day. Children should only wear clothes that are permitted and should not have any "gang related" signs printed on them. We are a Drug-Free School.

Perfumes and cologne are not allowed because it may affect people with health problems (i.e. Allergies, asthma)

Learning tools such as pens, pencils, markers, compasses, rulers & scissors should be used for the purpose that they were designed for, and not for writing on yourself.

No shoes with wheels are allowed.

Hats, visors and caps are permitted as long as you take them off in the classroom, cafeteria, library and office.

No bandannas or beannies are allowed.

Shirts should be no longer than your mid thigh and not reveal your midriff or belly button.

Shorts should be no higher than 6-7 inches above the knee and no longer than 3 inches below the knee.

Click Here To See school Uniforms


Pants should be no larger than your regular pants size. (Wear pants that fit you)

Earrings that are larger than 3 fingers width are not allowed.

Belts that hang out need to be tucked in or wear belts that fit you.

Heels on your shoes should not be higher than 2 inches.